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Examples of Good Practices

  • Law of 27 March 1990 Concerning the Right of Association [Slovakia]

    4. Associations not allowed are those:
      a) whose goal is to subvert or limit the personal, political or other rights of citizens because of their nationality, sex, race, origin, political or other opinions, religious faith or social situation, kindle hatred or intolerance for these reasons, support the use of force or in other ways violate the constitution and laws;
      b) who seek to attain their goals in ways that are incompatible with the constitution and the laws;
      c) armies or armed unit; this does not include associations whose members maintain or use ire-arms for sport purposes or for the legal purpose of hunting.

    5. Associations are not allowed to perform the functions of state organs in so far as pecific laws do not otherwise stipulate. They are not allowed to govern state organs and impose responsibilities on citizens who are not their members.

  • Law on Public Organisations, June 11, 1998, No. VIII-785 (official translation) [Lithuania]

    Article 3. The Principles of Public Organisation Activity

      1. Public organisations shall act in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, this and other laws and decrees of the Government and shall base their activities upon the public organisation bylaws, registered according to the procedure established by this Law.
      2. Public organisations shall be prohibited from establishing themselves and engaging in activity if their purpose or manner of activity are aimed at overthrowing or changing the constitutional order of the Republic of Lithuania or violating the integrity of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, propagating war and violence, and authoritarian or totalitarian rule, inciting racial, religious and social dissent, restricting human rights and freedoms and also, performing actions that are contrary to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and universally-recognised norms of international law, acting in the interest of other states, if these shall contradict the interests of the Lithuanian state.
      3. It shall be prohibited to found public organisations whose members are uniting on the basis of organisations that have acted against the independence of the Republic of Lithuania and the integrity of its territory.

  • Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on Non-Governmental Organizations (Public Organizations and Funds) (2000)

    Article 2. Non-Governmental Organization

      2.3  A non-governmental organization may be established and operated for purposes that are not prohibited by the Constitution and laws of the Azerbaijan Republic.
      2.4  A non-governmental organization may not participate in presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections of the Azerbaijan Republic, and it may not provide financial and other material assistance to political parties. Non-governmental organizations (except for non-governmental organizations that receive grants or other types of financing from foreign individuals and legal entities, as well as from Azeri legal entities with more than 30 % foreign share in their charter capital) may observe presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic. A non-governmental organization may come up with proposals on improvement of legal and regulatory acts, according to the rules provided by the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic and by its own charter.

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