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  • Law on Associations of Croatia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, No. 88 of October 11, 2001)

    I. General Provisions

    Article 1 - Field of application

    (1) This Law shall regulate the founding, organizing, legal order and dissolution of associations as well as the registration and termination of activities of foreign associations in the Republic of Croatia, unless otherwise regulated by a special law.
    (2) Provisions of this Law shall not apply to political parties, religious communities, unions and employers’ associations.

    Article 2 - Notion of association and legal personality

    (1) An association for the purpose of this Law shall be any form of voluntary association of natural or legal persons which, in order to protect and promote issues of public or mutual interest, environmental, economic, humanitarian, informative, cultural, ethnic and national, educational, social, professional, sports, technical, health care, scientific and other interests and goals as well as their beliefs, and without the intention of gaining profit, submit themselves to the rules that regulate organizations and activities of that form of association.
    (2) An association acquires legal personality upon registration in registry book of associations.

    Article 3 - Association without legal personality

    The provisions on partnership shall apply to the forms of associations that are not legal entities.
    The unincorporated association form is usually chosen when a number of individuals agree or 'contract' to come together for a common purpose - which may be of a social nature.

  • The Constitution of Sweden

    According to Sweden’s Constitution, every citizen is guaranteed freedom of association, which means the freedom to associate with others for public or private purposes. Both non-governmental organisations with legal personality and more informal groups can be formed freely without any type of prior registration. Registration is only required for associations that are formed with the purpose of pursuing the economic interests of their members through economic activities. Non-profit organizations can be formed freely and can acquire legal personality freely without registration

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