Liability and Sanctions

Examples of Good Practices

  • Law On Public Organisations and Associations Thereof (15 December 1992) [Latvia]


    (with amendments of: 6 April 1993; 11 May 1993; 5 April 1995; 16 October 1997; 11 December 1997; 25 November 1999; 31 March 2004)

    Section 7.2 Civil Liability of Members of Public Organisations

    Members of public organisations shall not be liable for the civil legal commitments of the relevant public organisation.


  • Law no. 8788, dated May 7, 2001 on Non-profit Organizations [Albania]

    Article 14 - Judicial Personality

    A non-profit organization is recognized as a juridical person on the day the decision of the court for its registration becomes final.
    After it has gained juridical personality, a non-profit organization is responsible to the third parties for the obligations and damages caused during its activity.
    The juridical personality of a non-profit organizations terminates on the day the decision of the court for its de-registration becomes final.


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