Accountability and Supervision



The following problems regarding the accountability and supervision of non-governmental organisations exist:

  • the level of regulation is not appropriate for all forms of non-governmental organisations and is not warranted in the public interest resulting in an undue restraint on their activities;
  • the scope of obligations with respect to the auditing of accounts and reporting on activities in particular is not always entirely clear and may not always be appropriate;
  • the basis for challenges to the decision-making of non-governmental organisations by public authorities can be unduly wide and unconnected with legitimate public interests related to their regulation;
  • there is sometimes an unjustified possibility for enforced attendance by public officials at internal meetings of non-governmental organisations decision-making bodies;
  • the requirements imposed on non-governmental organisations by supervisory bodies are not always proportionate to the failings that give rise to them; and
  • there is either no judicial redress against enforcement action taken against non-governmental organisations by public authorities or it is insufficiently prompt where it is not possible to suspend the measure pending adjudication.

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