Resources on NGOs

On this page you will find relevant reports, guidelines, handbooks and other resources published by ODIHR and other stakeholders. 

Human Rights Defenders

Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders
, FrontLine, 2007.

Front Line Handbook for Human Rights Defenders: What protection can EU and Norwegian Diplomatic Missions offer?, FrontLine, 2007.

Security and protection of human rights defenders, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders, 2009,

Human Rights Defenders: Protecting the Right to Defend Human Rights, OHCHR FactSheet No. 29, 

Steadfast in Protest - Annual Report 2010, Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, 

NGO Legislation

Guidelines for laws affecting civic organizations
, Open Society Institute, 2004.

Service and Accountability—Public Hearing Manual, National Democratic Institute, 2009,

Defending Civil Society: A Report of the World Movement for Democracy, co-authored by INCL and the World Movement for Democracy, 2008,

Freedom of Association

The right to freedom of association under the European Convention on the protection of human rights and Fundamental freedoms
, ICNL, 2006.

Freedom of Association Under Threat: The New Authoritarians' Offensive Against Civil Society, Freedom House, 2008, 

Guiding Principles on Non-Governmental Organizations, US Department of State, 2006, 

Enabling Civil Society: Practical Aspects of Freedom of Association, Public Interest Law Institute, 


Political Activities of NGOs: International Law and Best Practices, ICNL, 2009.

Role of NGOs

The Role of Civil Society organizations in Regulating business, ESRC Center for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, 2004. 

Participation in Decision-making

Code of Good Practice for Civil Participation in the Decision-Making Process, Council of Europe, 2009,


International Investment Treaty Protection of Not-for-Profit Organizations, ICNL, 2007, 

Laws And Other Mechanisms For Promoting NGO Financial Sustainability, David Moore for ICNL,

NGO Sustainability in Central Europe: Helping Civil Society Survive, Open Society Institute, 2005,

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