Entities to which International Guarantees Apply

S B v United Kingdom (decision), 13 May 1988 [ECtHR]


Case no 11617/85

5. The applicant alleges a violation of Article 11 of the Convention (Art. 11) in that his patent agent was not initially put on his list of approved visitors, and in that he is now not permitted to exploit his invention commercially.
Article 11 (Art. 11), however, is concerned with the right to form or be affiliated with a group of persons or an organisation pursuing particular aims. It does not concern the right of prisoners to have access to patent agents.  Nor does it guarantee the possibility to exploit an invention commercially.
It follows that this part of the application must be regarded as incompatible ratione materiae with the provisions of the Convention, and must therefore be rejected under Article 27 para. 2 (Art. 27-2).

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