Entities to which International Guarantees Apply

Basisan for ‘Liga Apararii Drepturilor Omului Din Romania’ v Romania (decision), 30 October 1997 [ECtHR]

Case no 28973/95

The Commission notes that the first question which arises in this case is whether the fact that the applicant association was unable to register prevented it from pursuing its objectives and thus constituted any interference with the applicant's right to freedom of association (cf., e.g., No. 18874/91, Dec. 12.1.94, D.R. 76, p. 44).
However, the Commission considers that this question can remain unanswered, because, even supposing that there was an interference, that interference would have been justified under paragraph 2 of Article 11 (Art. 11) of the Convention, for the following reasons ...


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