Eçikdi and Ors v Turkey (decision), 31 March 2005 [ECtHR]

Case no 52782/99

The applicants aver under Article 11 of the Convention that they were convicted because they were members of the Labour Party and that the authorities sought to hinder the activities of that party in their city.

The Court considers it unnecessary to determine whether the applicants have exhausted domestic remedies within the meaning of Article 35 § 1 of the Convention since this part of the applications is inadmissible for the following reasons:

The Court observes that the applicants' were convicted and sentenced for provoking hatred and hostility on the basis of a distinction between race and region and not because they were members of a certain party. Furthermore, the applicants have failed to demonstrate that the authorities sought to hinder in any way the activities of the Labour Party. Consequently, this part of the application is also manifestly ill-founded within the meaning of Article 35 § 3 of the Convention and must be rejected pursuant to Article 35 § 4.

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