Entities to which International Guarantees Apply

Friend and Countryside Alliance and Others v United Kingdom (decision), 24 November 2009 [ECtHR]

Case nos 16072/06 and 27809/08

48.  The first applicant accepted that the 2002 and 2004 Acts did not interfere with his right to associate or assemble with the Hunt but contended that, by banning the Hunt from hunting with hounds, they emasculated this right as they prohibited the Hunt's raison d'être and therefore the very reason for assembly. He relied on Anderson v. the United Kingdom, no. 33689/96, Commission decision of 27 October 1997, as authority for the proposition that the right to associate carried with it the right to do so for a particular purpose ...

49.  The Court notes that in the Anderson case, cited above, concerning the prohibition on the applicants entering a shopping centre, the Commission observed that “freedom of association, too, has been described as the right for individuals to associate 'in order to attain various ends'”. However, the Commission prefaced that remark by observing that there was no indication that freedom of assembly was intended to guarantee a right to assemble for purely social purposes anywhere one wished.

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