Entities to which International Guarantees Apply

Langborger v Sweden, 22 June 1989 [ECtHR]


Case no 11179/84

38. Mr Langborger further alleged a breach of his right to respect for his "home" within the meaning of Article 8 (art. 8). He considered that the power, conferred on the Tenants’ Union, to negotiate on his behalf the amount of the rent for the flat in which he lived was incompatible with the requirements of this provision because the rights and obligations deriving from the lease were, in his view, rooted in the notion of "home". He also complained of a violation of his freedom of association guaranteed under Article 11 (art. 11), on the ground that he had to accept, against his will, the services of the Tenants’ Union in the negotiations, for which services he also had to pay. The Government disputed these views.

39.   The Court finds that the questions raised under these heads do not come within the scope of the Articles relied upon.

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