This page offers a precise inventory of international and regional case law on freedom of association, classified by specific issue of concern. By clicking on a tag, you will find abstacts of case law relating to this specific issue. The jurisprudence is in the form of extracts, with omitted text indicated by "(...)". Generally footnotes have been omitted but in some instances they are included in the text within square brackets.

The jurisprudence principally concerns the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The rulings are generally judgments on the merits of the case but some are admissibility decisions, which are indicated by "(decision)". The rulings included are ones that have been given by the former European Commission of Human Rights "(ECmHR)", the European Court of Human Rights "(ECtHR)" and the United Nationals Human Rights Committee "(UNHRC)", as well as by the European Union's Court of Justice "(ECJ)" and General Court (the former Court of First Instance "(CFI)". The rulings are generally in English but some are only available in French.

It is important to keep in mind that the jurisprudence, while giving a strong indication as to how international standards are to be applied, should not be regarded as the either the last word on the subject or necessarily applicable in factual circumstances that may not be identical. Nonetheless the jurisprudence is an extremely important indication of what these standards are likely to require so that a compelling justification would normally be required for any departure from the approach shown in them.


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