Participation in Decision-Making and Law-Making

Concluding Observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child: Czech Republic, 18 March 2003 [CRC]

Document CRC/C/15/Add.201

24. The Committee welcomes the transfer to regional offices of all decision-making related to the issuance of authorizations to NGOs as service providers aimed at offering greater support to this sector, and encourages further strengthening of relations and cooperation between the Government and civil society. The Committee remains concerned that insufficient efforts have been made to involve civil society in the implementation of the Convention following a rights-based approach.

25. The Committee emphasizes the important role civil society plays as a partner in implementing the provisions of the Convention, including with respect to civil rights and freedoms, and welcomes closer cooperation with NGOs. The Committee, in particular, urges the State party to involve more systematically and to support NGOs, especially rights-based ones, and other sectors of civil society working with and for children, at all stages of the implementation of the Convention.

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